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When looking for an alternative to cigarettes offered in the store, it is worth getting interested in the possibilities offered by cigarette makers.

There are many tobacco enthusiasts. Unfortunately, each year cigarettes become more expensive, which has a negative impact on the pockets of smokers. Therefore, some of them decide to roll their tobacco on their own. No wonder - the price of a 100-gram pack of branded tobacco is about PLN 50 - you can get about 150 cigarettes, or 7.5 packs, from it.

The (un) complicated art of twisting

Many people find it very difficult to roll their tobacco by themselves. Piston cigarette makers turn out to be a great solution to the problem. The purchase of such an accessory costs from several to several dozen zlotys, but it is a one-time expense.

Someone might say that why the razor, if rolling tobacco is not that difficult and it is enough to practice a little to achieve perfection. Such opinions are true, but on the other hand, cigarette makers allow, among others, save time. Rolling tobacco with such an accessory is not only simple, but also quick and allows users to make up to a dozen cigarettes in a few minutes. Using the machine, we can also take care of cleanliness - hand-rolled tobacco crumbles, it falls to the floor, while we have the machine at our disposal, we can organize our work so as not to leave a mess behind.

Why is it worth rolling cigarettes?

Not only for the money. The market offers a great variety of tobacco flavor and aroma choices. There are aromas of coffee, grapes, chocolate or mint - thanks to this, there is no need to limit yourself to the options offered by a standard store.

In addition, conventional cigarettes contain a number of hazardous ingredients which, in turn, are not found in tobacco. This cannot say that it is a healthier alternative, but it is certainly tar-free.

It is also worth knowing that cigarettes rolled with a machine are not inferior to those in the store. Thanks to the device, it is possible to adjust the degree of cigarette loading.

Cigarette machine - which one to choose?

It is worth paying attention to the fact that they are made of solid materials, which will guarantee their durability and allow users to use them for a long time. Small and handy devices can be packed into a backpack or purse, so you can avoid the situation that we run out of rolled cigarettes. The larger ones, in turn, are great at home, where, for example, while watching a series, you can roll a pack of cigarettes.

These accessories are available in the following options: manual cigarette makers and more complicated electric ones. Their choice really depends on your preferences and needs.

It is worth trying self-rolled cigarettes - we will feel the financial benefit after a few weeks. Our store offers a number of different variants, as well as other accessories, such as thimbles or filters, which may turn out to be useful for self-rolling tobacco.

Cigarette machine

cigarette filler / tobacco machine Golden Filter

cigarette filler / tobacco machine Golden Filter
cigarette filler / tobacco machine Golden Filter

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